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(uhm hi I'm Lisa. 19. Chinese. ㅇㅅㅁ)

Dear Luhan,

I still clearly remember the day when I saw you with my own eyes like it was only yesterday. While at the same time, my memory is all fuzzy and everything seems like a dream. 

As I’m writing this I really feel like crying, because you were my rescuer at an extremely hard time of my life. You became my inspiration and motivation. You made me believe that miracles do happen. ‘Don’t give up on your dreams and keep working towards it’ right?

When I first saw the debut showcase, I didn’t fell for your looks as the first thing of all, but rather… I came to love your personality. Slowly… I noticed these little dorky sides of you, this cute side of you, this manly side of you, this extremely down-to-earth side of you, this talented side of you, and as if I’ve awaken from a long dream, you became the most beautiful person in my life, because everytime I see you, it takes my breath away, and whenever you are happy, I’m happy too. 

I truly truly wish for you, that you can keep doing what you love to do. That you can love who you want to love. That you can keep living as the Luhan we all know and love. You are so perfect as you are now! Don’t worry about your face when you laugh, about your voice when you are scared or about the movements you do when you’re nervous, because these are all sides we cherish so so much.

I know that life as an idol is really hard, so the only thing I can do, is sitting here, supporting you and praying for your well being from faraway. You know, we are all here rooting for you! Through good or bad times, EXO and your fans will be always here!

I’m so thankful that you were born, you are truly a gift from heaven and my personal angel. Happy 24th Birthday!!!

祝鹿晗生日快乐!今天玩得开心吗?能和粉丝们过鹿晗的生日是我最大的幸福了,能遇见你是我们大家的缘分~ !Saranghae~

Love, Lisa

Artist: Margaret SHUEISHA
Track: "'Hirunaka' PV ~BG music~"

If Hirunaka no Ryuusei ever becomes an Anime I wish this to be the main theme [☆ official manga PV (not fanmade) ☆]

Artist: I need to spoil you some more
Track: "02 めいっぱい甘やかしたい"
Vol. 05 - Seiza Kareshi Series Starry☆Sky~Taurus~ Homare Kanakubo
1 2 / 15 translated
translated by: r-invaille
proofread & corrected by: chuchumi *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
* = annotations
Track 02: I need to spoil you some more


It’s still a little bit early if I pick her up now, right? Although she * definitely would have prepared enough time to make herself ready, I should still walk there slowly. Arriving 5 minutes early should be fine.

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sound asleep // ☆ …

sound asleep //  …

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Rin, stahp trolling your shota 

{please click for high res & full effect~}

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WIP // i miss these two ;_; 

WIP // i miss these two ;_; 

Vol. 10 - Seiza Kareshi Series Starry☆Sky~Libra~ Hoshizuki Kotarou
1 / 15 translated
translated by: r-invaille
proofread & corrected by: chuchumi *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
* = annotations
Track 01: 
I'm Hoshizuki Kotarou
~self introduction or something, how troublesome~】


I love you.

Even though I don’t usually say these kinds of words, I still properly conveyed them to you right?

You want me to say it more often? It’s useless~ My feelings for you aren’t something to be casually said out loud. To me, they are something very precious.

What? You want me to introduce myself? Just saying, you obviously know me well * don’t you? But never mind, I got it~ Well, I’m just gonna briefly talk about myself then.

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Artist: 金久保誉(cv.保志総一朗)
Track: "01 金久保誉~自己紹介させて~| Homare Kanakubo~Let me introduce myself~"
Vol. 05 - Seiza Kareshi Series Starry☆Sky~Taurus~ Homare Kanakubo
1 / 15 translated
I made a poll regarding which Drama CD you want to have translated the most~
proofread & corrected by: chuchumi (she helped me a bunch! <3 *3*)
Track 01: ~Let me introduce myself~


Hello~ I’ve kept you waiting! I kept you waiting for so long.

I wanted to see you… I really wanted to see you…

I like you. I… love you. Only you…

You still remember me right? chuckles

Then, I’ll introduce myself again~

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Vol. 03 - Seiza Kareshi Series Starry☆Sky ~Pisces~ Kanata Nanami
1 2 / 15 Tracks translated
Sorry for the slow update, but here it is finally!
Please feel free to correct me anytime!
I made a poll for which Drama CD I should translate next in the Seiza Kareshi Series~
*) = like always, the footnotes refer to some further explanations below, since I wasn’t entirely sure about the accuracy of the translation. Please take out with full credit!
Track 02: ~Prearrangements for the Date~


Hm~ should I do it like this? Nah, doesn’t seem right. And what about this? Still can’t decide on a hairstyle…

Ah, I need to make it look even wilder, however it would still be better calling it not being my style than saying that it doesn’t suit me.

It needs to be done up slightly higher here still… Alright! Let’s leave it at that.

About the accessory that should go with the clothes today… Since it’s a date with her, I’ll just put on silver accessory. Alright it’s decided then! Though… What kind of clothes will she wear?

Ah, don’t tell me, it’s… it’s with a deep neckline…, she can’t be going wearing this, right. This, this…  is not bad- No! That’s a no-go!  She’s so cute, how can I let her being gaped at by other men.

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Voudriez vous être ma Valentine? 눈ー눈

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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what that shark on Nitori’s t-shirt tells us

idk it was late and I thought that those red lines would be laser eyes fixating on Nitori (later I realised that they are supposed to be gills.. lol)

Also I saw that everyone was worrying over Nitori as well.. that he will be done with his senpai’s shit and just run away.. So I drew this thing to cheer everyone up, that SENPAI WILL NOTICE NITORI in that last episode ;A;  I mean the shark with laser eyes is proof enough?? Ganbatte Nitori!! ९(ेД॔)७ 

RinTori Meta-post


Alternative title: An Analysis on RinTori and Why It’s Ruining My Life

I’ve been thinking about this constantly for the past few days, but I really needed to write it down. I’m going to be exploring Rin and Nitori’s relationship here, but I’ll be mainly focusing on Nitori.

I haven’t read the translation of High Speed! yet, but there will be spoilers up to episode 10, so please be careful!

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